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Inherent in the musical soul of America is a universe of educational, societal, and spiritual principles that are just waiting to be tapped . . .

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Jazz, Consciousness and Cosmos | related initiatives:

JCC is part of a group of interconnected organizations that will also work to redefine their respective areas through jazz-inspired, integral principles.

Mission statement:


Jazz, Consciousness and Cosmos is a consortium of individuals, organizations and initiatives that seeks to harness the creative, spiritual and unifying principles inherent in America’s quintessential musical heritage in pursuit of an arts-driven revolution in creativity and consciousness.

Vision statement

The time has come for humanity to dig deep into its infinite reservoir of creative and spiritual potential in order to address the unprecedented challenges—and opportunities for growth—that are unique to this extraordinary moment in human history.

Jazz, Consciousness and Cosmos (JCC) responds to this moment through an arts-inspired transformative vision, and corresponding educational programs, that are informed by jazz—a quintessentially American cultural achievements and contribution to world culture—and an emergent consciousness-based worldview called Integral Theory.

Jazz’s robust improvisatory core has invited organic infusion of influences from across the globe, spawned new thinking about creativity across fields, expanded the horizons of social justice discourse, as well as catalyzed powerful episodes of transcendence in artists and listeners alike to yield a spirituality that transcends, yet also embraces, denominational boundaries.

Integral Theory unites age-old spiritual wisdom, cutting-edge scientific advances and the creative vitality of the arts to spawn new paradigms of personal, educational and societal flourishing and also vital tools for social justice, environmental and other realms of healing that are key to planetary sustainability.
A new, arts-driven story of the sacred emerges to re-enliven humanity’s connection to its transcendent core—the level of soul, or atma—that is the source of interconnectedness among individuals and cultures, between human beings and the natural world, and most foundationally, with the eternal, cosmic source from which the infinite diversity of creation unfolds.

Jazz, Consciousness and Cosmos brings together thought leaders from a broad sector of society—including business, government, education, arts, humanities, medicine, sciences, religion, and social and environmental activism—to engage in jazz-inspired, integral visioning about the biggest questions of human and cosmic creation and ramifications for practical application in response to the extraordinary possibilities that define the current juncture in human history. The idea of global consciousness, an intersubjective sphere of mind that can be enlivened through collective creative and spiritual practice for transformative impact on society will factor prominently in JCC deliberations.

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